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A small example from client´s letters that can be seen at any time in my treatment room.
Slightly changed and shortened.

Hay fever:

Mr. M.F from H.

I have suffered with a pollen allergy since my childhood. I always believed in orthodox medicine and for years I was treated with cortisone. Further to that, at the age of 25, I was desensitized over a 3-year period but with only moderate success. I then became asthmatic and once again I was desensitized for 3 years. Since then I have needed asthma sprays, eye drops, nasal sprays and tablets. After 50 years of allergies you treated me with Bowen therapy and gave me a life of health which I had never known before. I no longer require any medication whatsoever. I can now go out and enjoy nature. I can even sit in the garden under the flowering birch tree and drink coffee. Thanks to your treatment I am a new person.

Back problems:

Dr.med. U.G from H.

Mrs. S.U from H. has had chronic lumbago for 4 weeks with radiating pain in her left leg. She has been diagnosed with slipped discs and visits to orthopaedists and physiotherapists afforded her no relief. She was advised to have an MRT which would have cost her 500€. I suggested to my patient that she should try a Bowen treatment. Result: after the first treatment there was a marked improvement. I will apply to the NHS to be reimbursed for the treatment. (I have not been reimbursed!)

Bladder weakness:

Mrs. B from B M.

At the end of the year my thanks go to people who have done me some good. Because of your successful treatment of my bladder problems you have given me a new lease of life.

We wish you and your family for the coming year good health and every success in your job.
Many thank´s Mrs. B.

Ears / speech / and swallowing disorders:

Family P. from E.

Dear Mr. Payne. Thank you again for the phenomenal success of the treatment you gave our son M. At the age of one and a half he could hardly speak, hear or swallow. Despite many checkups in the university clinic in Göttingen by various specialists and professors they could only speculate that he might be mentally disabled. After only 2 treatments M. started eating and speaking, and Dr G. found to his astonishment that the hearing disorder which he had previously diagnosed had been cured. He was thus spared an operation on his ears and a stay in a children´s speech therapy clinic.

Ear grommets:

Family L. from B.

A short message about my 3 children (6, 5 and 2 years old). All three were due to have grommets in their ears. The appointments for the operations had been made. After 3 treatments by you, no operation was necessary; the ENT doctor confirmed that all 3 children´s hearing was 100%. The doctor himself was absolutely amazed.

Blood pressure:

Chartered engineer and graduate in business administration Mr R.W.

Thank you for the treatment you gave me for my blood pressure. Before treatment I had levels between 160 - 180 and 100 - 110. After your treatment my levels remained constant at 124 / 77. I still feel good several months after treatment.


Mrs. E.R from H.

I have had headaches for 40 years and I have tried practically everything: tablets, massages, and even injections but without any success. After just 3 treatments by you my headaches are gone. I still can´t believe it.


Mrs. E.H. from L.

I had scarlet fever at the age of 6 but it wasn´t treated properly and it resulted in my having chronic asthma for 56 years until I got treated by Mr Payne. I used to cough so persistently all night that I was afraid I would wake the whole street. After the first treatment I slept so soundly that my husband woke me up because he thought there was something wrong with me! I just want to let you know that I am 100% better.


Mrs D from A.

I have suffered with asthma for more than 20 years and I have been to see various specialists but with no improvement. As a result of shortness of breath and fits of coughing my stamina has been reduced to a minimum. After 3 of your treatments I can confirm a 70% improvement. I can once again climb stairs without becoming short of breath and my sleep is no longer disturbed by fits of coughing.

Colitis Ulcerosis with Intestinal bleeding.

M.S. from HO

I went to see Mr Payne on the 20.09.2012. My complaints were migraine, shoulder pain and colitis.

After the first treatment, I no longer have any migraine and do not need any medication anymore. (Triptans)
My shoulder pain was almost gone after the second treatment. I can now raise my arm completely upwards and backwards.

My colitis was treated on the 05.10.2012 & 12.10.2012 so that apart from an intermittent bleeding after the first treatment, the intestinal bleeding has completely stopped.

My quality of life has become much better and I also wish to have my depression treated later. I wish all other patients the same success and would like to thank Mr. Payne.

Back & Joint pain.

I came for treatment on the 05.08.1997 because of back pain & joint pain. After checking me over you said my body was twisted & I had an indent in the area of my right shoulder blade the size of a dinner plate and 3cm deep.
After you did 6 light moves on my back without any pressure or chiropractic my back was straight and if my wife wouldn´t have been present I would not have believed it as I didn´t feel any changes happening.
I came again on the 28.04.98 as I couldn´t raise my arm higher than 90 degrees. After 3 moves from you I could raise my arm up to 180 degrees, to my head.
My wife and I are thankful for your help.

K.S. from P.

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